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64th London Vascular Biology Forum

18 February 2020

64th London Vascular Biology Forum | King’s College London | 4th December 2019

image of MSc students who participated by creating poster

            As part of our MSc in Cardiovascular Science, Heart and Circulation module, we prepared a poster entitled “The Effect of Gender Differences in Cardiovascular Disease”, under the supervision of Dr Shanie Budhram-Mahadeo. The poster examined the role of estrogen and its receptors in conferring cardioprotection and the differences in pathophysiology, epidemiology and clinical manifestations observed between women and men. The 64th London Vascular Biology Forum was held at the Gordon Museum, King’s College London, where our work was submitted.

            The London Vascular Biology Forum included talks from Dr Alice White, Wikipedian in residence at the Welcome Collection, who stressed the importance of Wikipedia as a tool in science communication/education. The European Vascular Biology Organisation, North American Vascular Biology Organisation, British Pharmacological Society and British Heart Foundation, presented information on the benefits of being a part of a scientific society.

The forum was a great opportunity for our team to not only present our findings around the topic but also to communicate in a scientific environment with experts in vascular biology. We enjoyed engaging in discussion and receiving critique on the content and delivery of our poster. In summary, this event was valuable for our team and taught us that science is a continuous learning journey, in which professionalism and clarity are key facets of a researcher.

Poster Authors

Bronwyn Berkeley

Sofia N. Karapanou

Kristian Hartanto

Hassan Alrubai

Shingi Chilumbi