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Optimal treatment for resistant hypertension defined for the first time

10 February 2016

Bryan williams ESC hotline

On 2nd September 2015 Prof. Bryan Williams presented two hotline presentations from data from two trials in high blood pressure. The PATHWAY-2 trial studied the drug treatment of resistant hypertension and was labelled as one of the highlights of the European Society of Cardiology meeting – which is the largest cardiovascular science meeting in the world.

PATHWAY-2 study received so much attention is because it has defined the optimal treatment for resistant hypertension for the first time. This condition affects about 100 million people and the results of this study will have high impact and influence treatment guidelines globally.

summary of the study can be found on the UCLH website which recently announced the study. The principal results were published in a Lancet article, of which Prof. Williams was the first author.