UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


National centre for cardiovascular preventions and outcomes (NCCPO)



NCCPO is a major academic and clinical focus of UCL Partnerships. A world-leading clinical and academic team based within the new centre will aim to:

  • Develop new innovative and cost-effective strategies in an academic health science partnership for prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Deliver these strategies within the community to maintain wellness and reduce clinical complications of cardiovascular disease
  • Identify clinical practices that will lead to the most effective outcomes from the management and treatment of cardiovascular disease
  • Integrate cardiovascular prevention activities with the Olympic Legacy
  • Develop policies for cardiovascular disease prevention at a national level

The Centre will form an essential part of the new Olympic Centre for Elite Human Performance, helping to provide an Olympic legacy not only for excellence in sport but one that translates into better population.

Key research activities

Vascular Phenotyping of Atherosclerosis from Childhood

Led by Professor John Deanfield, the Vascular Physiology Unit based at Great Ormond Street Hospital researches the pathophysiology of the pre-clinical phase of atherosclerosis from childhood.  The aim of this work has been to understand the genetic and novel environmental influences on initiation and progression of disease and the potential for prevention. Traditional clinical endpoints cannot be used to evaluate early disease.  We have therefore continued to develop robust measurements of intermediate atherosclerosis phenotypes as outcome variables.  In parallel, we are evaluating the relationship of these measures to the progression of arterial disease and to clinical cardiovascular events. Non-invasive techniques have been developed and are now established as the gold standard method of evaluating endothelial function in children and young adults who have not yet developed any clinical manifestations of disease.

The National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (NICOR)

NICOR is a unique partnership of clinicians gathered from local hospitals, national specialist societies and the Department of Health, along with IT experts, analysts, managers, and academics. The Institute collects patient information from UK hospitals into secure cardiovascular registries established by the specialist clinical societies. This assists the NHS, government and regulatory bodies to improve quality by checking that patient care meets good clinical practice standards. We achieve this by using clinical audits, and by comparing ‘outcomes’ such as case mix-adjusted survival rates. Our reports and online public portals also help patients to make choices, and builds public confidence in NHS cardiac care.

In addition, NICOR encourages research using ‘real world’ data to complement and refine the lessons learnt from randomised clinical trials.

Our current focus is to manage six national cardiovascular clinical audits and their associated registries. They are:

  • Adult Cardiac Interventions
  • Adult Cardiac Surgery
  • Cardiac Rhythm Management
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Heart Failure
  • MINAP (Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit Project)
  • TAVI (Transapical Aortic Valve Implantation)


Nomura House

1 St Martin's le Grand



Chief Operating Officer: Mr James Chal 
Tel +44 (0)20 3549 5621


Collaborations across UCL

As part of ICS, numerous collaborations exist between members of the Centre and other groups with UCL. We work closely with Public Health, Cardiovascular Genetics, and the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation team to deliver improvements in healthcare.