Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine


Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine

The core goal of the Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine (CVBM) is to understand the biological mechanisms that control the functions of blood vessels and to translate this knowledge into treatments for cardiovascular and other human diseases.

A major focus of the centre’s research led by Professor Ian Zachary, is understanding how the angiogenic cytokine, VEGF, signals endothelial cells in blood vessels to mediate its vital functions in vertebrates.

Professor Richard Day leads the Applied Biomedical Engineering Group focusing on translational, interdisciplinary research and regenerative medicine for several debilitating conditions.

Professor John Martin is leading clinical studies on the use of stem cells for treating heart disease.

Dr Paul Frankel leads research into understanding cell signalling pathways required for tumour progression including proliferation, tumour angiogenesis and invasion.

Head of Centre

Professor Ian Zachary

Principal Investigators


A major focus of research in this centre is Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF).


The centre supervises the work of several PhD students and is willing to hear from prospective students at any time.


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