UCL Cancer Institute


WP4 - Biomarkers of response, toxicity and outcome

The aims of work package 4 are to design tests that will help doctors to:

  • predict how a patient will respond to treatment
  • detect at an early stage whether the cancer has returned

The following deliverables will be completed for WP4:

Deliverable numberDescription*Month dueDocument link
D4.1Comparison of miRNAs in blood, plasma, bone marrow 42Confidential
D4.2Pilot data on miRNAs predictive of toxicity identified42Confidential
D4.3Pilot data on miRNAs predictive of outcome72Confidential
D4.4Genomic translocation of EWS-ETS fusion in patient derived tumour samples analysed and ctDNA in plasma quantified72Confidential
D4.5Detection and quantitation of CTCs in patient- derived blood samples72Confidential

None of the documents for this work package can be viewed by the public.

*Month 1 is October 2013