UCL Cancer Institute


Cancer Genomics Engineering (CAGE) Facility

Please not that these services are being provided by the Genomics and Genome Engineering core facility

The CAGE facility was established in 2014 to facilitate research within the UCL Cancer Institute by providing researchers technical services, training and support in genome engineering technologies.

The CAGE Facility:

1. Provides support in the design, production and use of the latest CRISPR and TALEN technologies as well banking and distribution of associated in-house developed CRISPR and TALEN reagents.

We currently offer a Miseq service for sequencing edited cell populations or single cell clones. Please contact us for more information about this service.

We also have CRISPR and TALEN reagents and protocols - please see the links below.

    2. Distributes Human and Mouse shRNA library collections as single hairpins and boutique pool collections. The Facility provides support in assay design and use of teh RNAi libraries collections.