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International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection

The International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) is a new £55 million partnership between Cancer Research UK, the Canary Center at Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, the Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU, University College London and the University of Manchester.

Earlier detection of cancer offers the greatest potential for improving patient outcomes. ACED is uniting world leading Institutions in the UK and US to support collaboration, innovation and training across the Alliance Centres and the wider early detection community. More information on the Alliance aims and strategy can be found on the CRUK ACED website

UCL ACED Centre 

The UCL ACED Centre aims to predict and inform the role of imaging and its integration with other biomarkers in cancer early detection. We will drive the integration of imaging and non-imaging biomarkers, maximising image-derived prediction and prognosis. We are able to address image-based early detection approaches, utilising imaging and biomarkers, by access to our large and well-annotated patient cohorts linked to downstream clinical outcome. 

By enhancing our data infrastructure we aim to extend access to these cohorts across ACED, comprising more than 200,000 participants. Our high value, unique, deeply phenotyped, cancer cohorts (imaging, biomarkers and health-status) together with UCL’s world-class imaging science will, we anticipate, empower the Alliance to inform the early detection strategies of the future. 

Please contact UCL ACED Programme Manager, Dan Kelberman,  email: d.kelberman@ucl.ac.uk, if you are a UCL researcher and would like to be added to the list of ACED Members and receive future updates on ACED activities. 

Funding awards and early detection resources

ACED funding awards

ACED Funding Awards

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ACED funded research projects

ACED Funded Research Projects

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UCL early detection resources

UCL Early Detection Resources

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ACED education and training

ACED Opportunities and Training

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Introduction to ACED and cancer early detection at UCL by Prof Mark Emberton: 

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ACED International Alliance for the Early Detection of Cancer