UCL Cancer Institute


Patient engagement

Connecting researchers with patients and the public to improve patient outcomes.

Research engagement is a priority for UCL and the CRUK-UCL Centre. By sharing and discussing their work with patients, our scientists are able to show how research at UCL is fundamental to developing new processes and kinder therapies that can help more people survive their cancer. 

Research Open Day UCLH

Our dedicated CRUK Research Engagement Manager, works with researchers to showcase the cancer research being carried out at UCL through lab tours, open days and other events. Over the past year, UCL researchers have supported and delivered around 30 events, with over 40 different scientists from across UCL spreading news about our research to almost 2,000 people. 

The UCL Public Engagement Unit exists to champion UCL's founding principle of open education and access to knowledge. At the core of public/patient engagement is the idea of two way dialogue connecting higher education research and teaching with the world outside. The Public Engagement Team help UCL staff and students listen to and engage with communities.