UCL Cancer Institute


Cancer Institute Pathology Services

The Pathology Services at the UCL Cancer Institute offer a range of pathology-based services, from processing to access to tissue samples, and are based within the Paul O'Gorman and Rockefeller Buildings. These services are overseen by Professor Adrienne Flanagan, Head of Department of Pathology.

CI Pathology TTP

Pathology Translational Technology Platform

The Pathology Translational Technology Platform provides a wide range of tissue-based and molecular services to research scientists within the UCL Cancer Institute and throughout UCL.

Biobank samples…


The UCL Cancer Institute Biobank provides access to normal and diseased human tissue samples which are surplus to diagnostic requirements.

Immunopathology core

Immunopathology Services

This service provides microscopy-based techniques (e.g. single and multiplex immunolabelling) developed in-house, which can be used to identify novel biomarkers and for studies targeting the tumour microenvironment.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the CI Translational Technology Platforms please contact us at: ci.ttpfeedback@ucl.ac.uk or come along to one of our drop-in clinics.

Check our leaflet for full details of equipment and services!