UCL Cancer Institute


Bioinformatics Translational Technology Platform

The Bioinformatics Translational Technology Platform (TTP) is a collaborative facility, focusing mainly on genomics projects and gradually expanding to other data types.

We offer collaborative support for researchers at the UCL Cancer Institute and within the CRUK UCL Centre.

The facility is hosted at the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre (BLIC). The BLIC is a sixth floor extension to the existing UCL Cancer Institute, that was built in November 2013, and was named following a lead gift from the Lyons Charitable Trust. The Centre provides a base for up to 12 bioinformaticians and computational biologists. 


The Bioinformatics Translational Technology Platform is currently run by 3 full time staff members, including the head of the centre and 2 postdoctoral research fellows. Additionally, the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre also hosts other researchers including PhD students and postdoctoral fellows from collaborating groups.

To ensure the efficient processing and handling of large data sets, we make full use of the UCL-funded IT facilities, including the Myriad cluster and the UCL Research Data Storage services, as well as the Computer Science HPC cluster.


The Bioinformatics Translational Technology Platform supports the UCL Cancer Institute researchers at different levels; from basic bioinformatics services to full-scale scientific collaborations. A non-exhaustive list of our contributions include:

  • Assistance with study design and project planning
  • Data processing, QC, statistical data analysis and biological interpretation of results
  • Development and maintenance of automated data analysis pipelines
  • Development of novel tools and custom methods for specific analyses
  • Assistance with the preparation of manuscripts and grant proposals

 You will find other examples of our work in our public GitHub repository. For instance, we have developed a tool in collaboration with the Cancer Genomics Engineering (CAGE) Facility for the analysis of CRISPR resequencing experiments (crispr-parsr) and an automated pipeline for the analysis of cytometry data (cytofpipe). We also maintain some software and reference databases on the UCL Myriad compute cluster.