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Cancer Research UK-UCL Centre receives £4m Accelerator Award

20 May 2016

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Cancer Research UK is investing £16m in four UK-wide collaborations to inspire new approaches to understanding and treating cancers with low survival.  The Cancer Research UK-UCL Centre will receive £4 million to roll out a national post-mortem tissue bank from patients with hard to treat and metastatic cancer. The study, led by Professor Charles Swanton, will be vital for understanding the evolution and final stages of the disease and researching the genetics of brain tumours.

Tumour samples will help scientists understand how tumours develop and spread, how and why tumours become resistant to treatment, how the body reacts to the disease during the final stages, as well as looking at ways to boost the immune system to fight the disease in the future.

Professor Paolo Salomoni, Cancer Research UK-UCL Centre will partner the Cancer Research UK-Edinburgh Centre, led by Dr Stephen Pollard, to focus on the most common form of brain tumours and set up a crucial research resource. Scientists will take samples from patients’ tumours during surgery and then grow these brain tumour cells in the lab to study the faulty molecules that underpin the disease. This resource will provide the bases to discover better ways to treat and diagnose brain cancer.

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