UCL Cancer Institute


Easter Shutdown 2018

21 March 2018

UCL will close for the Easter break from 17.30hrs on Weds 28th March until 08.00hrs on Thursday 5th April.

On all close-down days the Cancer Institutes out of hours policy applies.

No lone or high risk activity working is permitted.

If you know you are going to be away from work for the whole Easter period, please remember to turn off lights and any non-essential bits of equipment. 

As a longer break this year - Juan will be in on the Easter Monday to top up the small pie-racked liquid nitrogen dewars. Please leave them in the gas room in the basement (B28) by the Tuesday before Easter (27th March). You must fill them up before putting in the room as Juan will not do this fill.

Any large dewars should be ok for the week so please don’t bring these down as there is restricted room. It is the same set up as for Christmas. When returning to work after the break please collect them A.S.A.P.

NO liquid nitrogen dewar filling is permitted by users after 4pm on Weds 28th April.

Emergency Back Up -80 freezers are in lab 528 and 230 and the -20C freezers are in lab 528 and G09. Please put your contact details on the freezer and notify Kay Mistry and Duncan Kennedy via email if used in an emergency. Please do not use them either just prior or during the Easter break for defrosting your freezers.

During the Easter break, for any emergency issues with the building fabric or building systems, please call the UCL Communications Room on extension 33333.

For any security or medical emergencies, please call extension 222 or from a mobile 020 7679 2222.

Best wishes to all for the Easter break.

Regards Sonia

Sonia Buckingham CMIOSH, Cancer Institute Safety Advisor (Tel: 020 7679 6721, Fax: 020 7679 6817)