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UCL Cancer Institute Seminar Series

15 December 2016, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Beatson Institute…

Dr Daniel Murphy, The Beatson Institute, University of Glasgow, presents: Charting phenotypic evolution in GEMMs reveals an unexpected role for the ERBB network in KRAS-driven lung cancer.

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UCL Cancer Institute, Paul O'Gorman Building

Major advances in cancer patient survival have come primarily from early detection of nascent tumours, often prior to the emergence of systemic symptoms. Generally speaking, tumours caught at an early stage of development are more likely to be resectable or indeed to respond to either generic or targeted therapy. However, several deep tissue cancers (eg. Lung and Pancreatic cancers) are not amenable to early detection and patients typically present with advanced disease upon developing systemic symptoms.  It is no coincidence that survival rates for such cancers have barely improved in 40 years. Inducible GE mouse models of cancer facilitate the analysis of tumour phenotypes prior to the emergence of pre-clinical disease.  By controlling the time of first oncogene activation, it is possible to chart the entire course of disease evolution over time.  Using this strategy we have uncovered a surprising requirement for signalling through ERBB family of receptor tyrosine kinases to support initiation and maintenance of lung tumours that are genetically driven by KRAS mutation.  The implications of these results and others will be discussed.

Hosted by: Professor Henning Walczak

The seminar will be followed by a sandwich buffet lunch

Selected Publications

Ichim, G., Lopez, J., Ahmed, S., Muthalagu, N., Giampazolias, E., Delgado, M., Parsons, M., Kooij, B., Hayes, L., Chalmers, A., Borst, J. Oberst, A., Rehm, M. Murphy, D.J. and Tait, S. Limited mitochondrial permeabilization causes DNA-damage and genomic instability in the absence of cell death. Molecular Cell. 57 (5) p.860-872.

Nathiya Muthalagu, Melissa Junttila, Katrin E. Wiese, Barbara Bauer, Martin Eilers, Gerard I. Evan and Daniel J. Murphy.  Bim is the primary mediator of Myc-induced apoptosis in multiple solid tissues.  Cell Reports. 8 (5) p.1347-1353.

Liu, L., Ulbrich, J., Müller, M., Wüstefeld, T., Aeberhard, L., Kress, T.R., Muthalagu, N., Moll, R., Kempa, S., Zender, L., Eilers, M., and D.J. Murphy. Deregulated MYC expression induces dependence upon AMPK-related kinase 5.  Nature.  483 (7391) p.608-612.

For further information, view http://www.beatson.gla.ac.uk/Cancer-Metabolism-Growth-and-Survival/daniel-j-murphy-oncogene-induced-vulnerabilities.html


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UCL Cancer Institute
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Contact: Veronica Dominguez v.dominguez@ucl.ac.uk

This seminar has been part-sponsored by Merck, the Biomedical Research Centre and Cancer Research UK.