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Virtual event: Can we use the immune system to fight cancer?

25 January 2022, 5:00 pm–6:00 pm

Dr Claire Roddie lecture - Can we use the immune system to fight cancer?

Dr Claire Roddie discusses, Associate Professor (UCL) and Consultant Haematologist (UCLH) will discuss the science of biohacking, where biologists go into a patient’s genetic code and reprogram their immune system to recognise and fight cancer cells.

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Kate Thomas and Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez

This talk will focus on a technique called CAR T-cell therapy, also known as a type of cell-based gene therapy as it involves altering the genes inside T cells to help them attack the cancer. This ground-breaking approach to treating some types of cancer can be very effective, even when other treatments are no longer working.

This lecture will be followed by a Q&A with Dr Roddie.

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About the Speaker

Claire Roddie

Associate Professor in Haematology at UCL

Dr Claire Roddie
Claire is a Consultant Haematologist at UCLH and Associate Professor in Haematology at UCL with a particular interest in adoptive cell therapies. She completed an Immunotherapy PhD at UCL with Karl Peggs and subsequently undertook a clinician scientist role with Martin Pule to develop the UCL CAR-T program. 
Claire’s current role involves pre-clinical development of novel cell therapy projects, GMP manufacture and clinical trial design. She is also responsible for the advanced therapies clinical service at UCLH.