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Fathers and male carers at UCL launch event

30 January 2020–30 December 2020, 12:30 pm–2:00 pm

UCL PACT network

UCL PACT network is delighted to launch a new campaign for fathers and male carers at UCL, designed to raise awareness about experiences and challenges of fatherhood and male carers.

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Madiha Sajid

The aims of this campaign are:

- to better understand the lived experiences of male carers

- to enhance the support provision for male carers across the university

We hope that you will join us! All UCL staff members are welcome!

Daren Caruana is a professor of Physical Chemistry, a father to two boys and a carer for his wife and this is his personal & honest account:

"At this event, I will talk about my experiences of becoming a carer and single parent overnight, and the struggle to retain my career. My motivation for this event is to try and give something back. I have had support from UCL, but in hindsight I feel that just talking with people who are going through difficult times, no matter what they may be, made me realise that the challenges and emotions I was experiencing are not unique! ''