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05 May 2017, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Dr Alex Aravnais, Head of Research & Development at GRAIL, presents: Exploring early cancer detection using cell-free tumour-derived nucleic acids.

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UCL Cancer Institute, 72 Huntley Street, London WC1E 6DD

The obstacles to developing safe and effective cancer screening tests are numerous, including biological, technical, and clinical challenges. The development of new tools that directly measure the sin qua none of cancer (its somatic alterations) has created new possibilities for methods of cancer detection. In this talk, I will discuss GRAIL's research using low-cost next generation sequencing to broadly and deeply sequence tumour-derived nucleic acids in the blood. This non-invasive characterization of a tumour’s genome combined with new methods of processing complex data may enable sensitive and specific detection of lethal cancers when they are still curable through surgery. 

The seminar will be followed by a sandwich buffet lunch.

Hosted by: Professor Charles Swanton


UCL Cancer Institute
Courtyard Café
72 Huntley Street
London, WC1E 6DD

Contact: Veronica Dominguez v.dominguez@ucl.ac.ukView Map

This seminar has been sponsored in part by the Biomedical Research Centre and Cancer Research UK