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Cancer Research UK City of London Centre Postgraduate Training Programme

A centre of excellence in cancer biotherapeutics, the Cancer Research UK City of London Centre is a powerful collaboration that brings together leading cancer researchers from the CRUK centres based at UCL, Queen Mary University of London, Kings College London and The Francis Crick Institute.

The Centre will work towards generating innovative biological therapies, diagnostics and stratification strategies working from an evolutionary and immunological perspective. The interplay between biological and other precision therapies will also be explored to generate novel, potent and selective therapeutic combination approaches.  

A key priority of the Centre is to train, mentor and equip the next generation of basic and physician scientists with multi-disciplinary biotherapeutics skills. To address this we are introducing a novel collaborative PhD training programme for science graduates and clinical trainees to carry out multi-disciplinary research projects that address the centre’s three research programmes:

1. Developing biological therapies

There is a growing pipeline of novel biotherapeutics driven by the clinical success of immunotherapy. Programme 1 aims to increase understanding about mechanisms of response, toxicity and treatment resistance as well as develop scientific rationales for combination therapies. 
The Major Centre is one of the largest immune-oncology translational programmes in Europe and will work with the Cancer Immuno-Therapy Accelerator and our existing translational clusters: 

  • T- cell receptor biology
  • dendritic cell technologies and graft versus host disease
  • oncolytic viruses, CAR-T cells, TME and immune checkpoints, antibody technologies
  • immune-targeted small molecule approaches and early phase trials.
2. Cross-disciplinary approaches enhancing biotherapeutics

Using our cross-disciplinary strengths (engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics) we will maximise the impact of biological therapies. We will explore responses to biological therapies in a manner analogous to pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies of small molecule-based therapies, using advanced imaging to track (pharmacokinetics) and quantify the impact (pharmacodynamics) of biological therapies thereby increasing our understanding of the immune- tumour interaction and enhancing the delivery and efficacy of biological therapies.

3. Cancer evolution and tumour heterogeneity: targeting biotherapies

Through our strength in evolutionary biology, statistical genetics, molecular pathology and leadership across different cancer types, we are well positioned to ask the crucial question: how can we best thwart the evolutionary resilience of cancer?

The CRUK CoL training programme will include an induction programme, multi-disciplinary training, cross-institutional research placements and  cohort-building activities. Trainees will benefit from an exciting academic environment underpinned by world-class technical expertise provided via the Centre’s Infrastructure Cores: advanced cellular engineering, antibody and recombinant protein engineering, tumour microenvironment, cell and vector manufacturing, imaging and image-guided therapy, computing.    

Trainees will be based in their primary supervisor’s research group, receiving additional advice and guidance from a secondary supervisor and thesis committee. They will have access to a broad range of scientific and transferable skills training, and will benefit from the Centre’s networking workshops and conferences.

Applications are now closed for the 2019 postgraduate training programme

Key dates

  • Application deadline – 12:00 noon Tuesday 19 March 2019
  • Referee deadline – Tuesday 26 March 2019
  • Invitation to interview – Thursday 25 April 2019.
  • Interviews – Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 May 2019
  • Programme start date – Monday 23 September  2019

For general enquiries, please contact Annabelle Scott annabelle.scott@ucl.ac.uk 

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