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UCL Staff Appraisal Scheme

The UCL appraisal scheme aims to assist individuals to develop to their full potential, identify strengths and development needs, enable discussion of career aspirations and enhance communication.

The review discussion focuses on your work over the review period (normally a year) and in particular the progress you have made against objectives set at the last review. Objectives for the forthcoming review period will also be discussed and agreed.

Who is Appraisal for? 
All employees after they have completed the probation period. The first review should be arranged no later than 6 months following the satisfactory completion of the probation.

Benefits of the scheme
The UCL appraisal scheme aims to support you in your career development by facilitating effective two-way communication between you and your line-manager. If you are submitting an application for the Faculty Reward Committee, you will need to submit your most recent appraisal. 

PDF iconUCL Appraisal Review and Development Scheme.pdf

FileAppraisal forms - complete documentation set


Guidance and documents 

Summary of the process

The below guidance refers to the old appraisal forms but may still be useful.

1. Fill in details on the Cover Page 

2. Part A to be completed by the Appraisee and sent to the Appraiser at least 5 working days prior to the review meeting. For this section, Appraisees should consider:

  • Key tasks successfully undertaken since the last review (in light of the aims and objectives for that period)
  • Outline any impact on your workload or achievements due to the COVID19 crisis and lockdown.
  • Your strengths and any new skills you might need in the context of the challenges likely to be encountered in the coming year.

3. Part B of the review document should be completed within 10 working days of the meeting and should summarise the content of the discussion and record the objectives that have been agreed. Any action that needs to be undertaken by the line manager or others in the department to facilitate the successful completion of an objective should also be noted. Both Appraiser and Appraisee should sign the record of the review meeting (part B of the review document) and each will retain a copy.

4. Part C of the review document should be completed by the Appraiser to record any training or development needs required to enable achievement of agreed objectives.

If the Appraisee is in professional services expectations relating to behaviours should relate to the UCL Ways of Working otherwise UCL’s Core Behaviours should be used.

5. Please note, in the event of disagreement over the content of part B or C of the review documentation, which cannot be resolved by the Appraisee and Appraiser. The Appraisee should raise their concerns in writing with the Appraiser's line manager within 10 working days of the receipt of the completed review document using Part D (Appeal Form)

6. Cancer Institute Career Development form - The CI would like to ensure all staff have the opportunity to discuss career development and work-life balance during their appraisal. This supplementary form has been designed for use alongside the standard UCL appraisal forms. Completed forms should be returned to the UCL Cancer Institute HR Office with the standard UCL HR appraisal form.