UCL Cancer Institute


Self-Assessment Team

The remit of the Cancer Institute SAT team is review and improve current equality practices, ensure continued commitment to advancing the career opportunities for scientific and professional service staff and encourage adherence to the principles of the Athena SWAN Charter throughout the Institute. We aim to have a diverse rotational representation to ensure we have an appropriate wide range of views and experiences and to ensure the SAT is reflective of our Institute. 

Joining the Athena SWAN self-assessment team (SAT)

The Athena SWAN SAT is now busying itself with putting the plan into action. If you would like to join the SAT, please contact our co-chairs Kevin or Kate. We are especially keen to recruit more male staff and students to the SAT as currently only 21% of SAT members are male and its important the committee is representative of the whole SAT.

Current SAT members

  • Kate Brooks - Cancer Institute Manager. Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr Kevin Litchfield - Principle Research Fellow. Committee Co-Chair
  • Roisin Beehag - Regulatory Manager (Quality) CTC
  • Dr Robert Bentham - Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr James Black - Clinical Research Fellow
  • Sonia Buckingham - Safety Advisor
  • Georgia Constantinou - PhD student
  • Dr Lucia Cottone - Research Associate
  • Krupa Thakkar - PhD Student
  • Dr Maria Efthymiou - Research Fellow
  • Professor Tariq Enver - Cancer Institute Director
  • Dr Abigail Evans - Scientific Project Manager
  • Dr Rachel Evans - Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Emily Grist - Clinical Research Fellow
  • Dr Yanping Guo - Flow Cytometry Translational Technology Platform Manager
  • Dr Wright Jacob - Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Jatinderpal Kalsi - CRUK-UCL Centre Manager
  • Professor Richard Jenner - Professor of Molecular Biology.
  • Dr Nnenna Kanu - Senior Research Associate
  • Dr Hamzeh Kayhanian - Clinical Research Fellow
  • Dr Gill May - Senior Research Associate
  • Professor Tim Meyer - Professor of Experimental Cancer Medicine
  • Dr Adam Paige - Principal Teaching Fellow
  • Morgan Palton - Research Technician
  • Dr Marina Parry - Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Nischalan Pillay - Clinical Research Fellow
  • Dr Sunniyat Rahman - Research Associate
  • Manuela Rossini - Human Resources Manager
  • Louise Rusha - Departmental Equal Opportunity Liaison Officer (DEOLO)
  • Dr May Sabry - Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Rob Sellar - Senior Clinical Research Fellow
  • Aditya Shroff - PhD Student 
  • Dr Silvia Surinova - Head of Proteomics Core Facility