UCL Campaign


People & Partners

The Campaign for UCL has brilliant minds and outstanding partners with the common goal to improve health, support students, transform London and think differently.

Meet some of the faces of the It's All Academic Campaign.

Leadership Team

Professor Michael Arthur

Prof. Michael Arthur

UCL President & Provost

Adrian Punaks

Adrian Punaks

Executive Director of Development, OVPA

Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown

Director of Operations, OVPA

Angharad Milenkovic

Angharad Milenkovic

Director of Development, OVPA

Across UCL

Anthony Smith

Prof. Anthony Smith

Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs)

Dame Nicola Brewer

Dame Nicola Brewer

Vice-Provost (International)

Professor David Price

Prof. David Price

Vice-Provost (Research)

Professor Nick Fox

Prof. Nick Fox

Interim Associate Director of the UK DRI

Professor Mark Emberton

Prof. Mark Emberton

Dean, UCL Faculty of Medicine


Prof. Hazel Genn

Pro-Vice-Provost (Alumni)

Prof Alan Thompson

Prof. Alan Thompson

Pro-Vice-Provost (London)

Prof Geraint Rees

Prof. Geraint Rees

Pro-Vice-Provost (Artificial Intelligence)