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Tackling the global epidemic of dementia

Our vision is to be the leading translational neuroscience centre in the world; the number one student destination for education programmes embedded in translational neuroscience; and the centre connecting industry, commercial partners, academics and patients in order to accelerate translational research.

To do this, UCL is building a new, cutting-edge, translational neuroscience facility which will enable us to advance the understanding of ways to diagnose, prevent and treat neurological diseases. The £281 million building will contain both the UCL Institute of Neurology and the UK Dementia Research Institute, and will be a flagship component in one of the most coordinated and comprehensive neuroscience campuses in the world. 

If we are going to find solutions to conditions like dementia, it will be at a powerful, flexible, globally unique facility like ours. To support UCL in building a new home for 21st century neuroscience, visit our donation page.

Network Brainbow
Building Relationships and Funding Major Advances

UCL is making huge leaps in our understanding of how the universe works, how the world works and now, how our brains work too.

Artists Impression of UK DRI
UK Dementia Research Institute at UCL

The UK DRI operates across six UK research centres, working together towards a shared vision. The hub of the research activities and operational headquarters is at UCL.

Professor Nick Fox
Case Study: Professor Nick Fox  

“Even though I see this disease on a professional level every day, I still find the stories heart-breaking.”

Ros - My Dementia Story
Roz: My dementia story 

Roz and her husband Jeremy talk about the impact of Roz's diagnosis on their lives.

Brain images made from coins and carrier bags
UCL Dementia Retail Coalition

In a unique coalition, nine UK retailers have pledged £20 million raised from the carrier bag charge to support the development of a new world-class dementia research institute.

Carol and John
A Eureka Moment: Carol's Story

After seeing her father and several family members diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Carol was determined to delve deeper and this drive led to scientists making a ground-breaking discovery.