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Health is the beating heart of UCL’s world-class research.

The 'It's All Academic' Campaign will lead the way in finding new treatments and cures for dementia as one of the world’s leading neuroscience centres, fund research to fight cancer and train the next generation of scientists, clinicians and health policy researchers who will take UCL research from bench to bedside and beyond and tackle enduring and emerging health challenges in new ways.

Carol and John
A Eureka Moment: Carol's Story

After seeing her father and several family members diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Carol was determined to delve deeper and this drive led to scientists making a ground-breaking discovery.

Ros - My Dementia Story
Dealing with Dementia: Roz's Story

Globally there is one diagnosis of dementia every three minutes: 225,000 new diagnoses each year. This is Roz's Story.

Dementia Research at UCL

As a world leading centre for neuroscience, UCL is leading the way in tackling the global dementia epidemic.

Brain images made from coins and carrier bags
UCL Dementia Retail Coalition

In a unique coalition, nine UK retailers have pledged £20 million raised from the carrier bag charge to support the development of a new world-class dementia research institute.