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Note from UCLFAA’s President

The UCL Friends & Alumni Association is a US non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and support for research, education and innovation at UCL. Additionally, the UCLFAA works to connect talented American students with the opportunities offered by UCL, providing funding for masters scholarships in Global Health, Crime Science and Public Policy. You can find out more on the UCLFAA website.

UCLFAA Board Members at UCL Campaign launch and alumni reception October 2016.

The all-volunteer Board of UCL Friends and Alumni Association has a number of exciting “balls in the air” as we strive to support the Campaign and improve the UCL alumni experience. 

To reflect the importance of UCL’s campaign as well as evolving best practices and new regulations, we have been hard at work improving a range of financial processes and engagements to ensure that US based donations to UCL are as effective as possible. 

UCLFAA also prides itself on providing important grants and financial assistance to further the university’s mission. Over the past 5 years, $16.4million has been provided to departments for research and students for tuition assistance by UCLFAA. In the future, we hope to share some case studies on the exciting outcomes related to our grant making.

Improving our communications with friends and alumni is a top priority and employing new media to this end should help. As you may have seen, the UCLFAA website has been refreshed this year and we hope to make further content and delivery improvements in the months to come.

Because UCL alumni have diverse interests and have achieved great things, we see numerous opportunities to partner with others. At the top of our list, is closer collaboration with the UCL alumni clubs in various cities to help arrange and execute events of interest. Through our network of friends, business associates and vendors, we hope to support other events and activities that would be beneficial to UCL friends and alumni.

Last but not least, we are taking steps to expand and diversify UCLFAA’s governance. We hope to welcome new members to the UCLFAA Board this year and intend to establish a proper Finance Committee of the Board as well. Other ad-hoc or special committees may be warranted over time.

I would like to thank the current members of the UCLFAA Board as well as the staff in London who provide crucial support for this work. I would also like to encourage alumni to visit our webpage to contact Board officers with ideas/suggestions or offers to volunteer your time and expertise for these and other exciting initiatives that help support UCL and its students from the US.


Mark Howard (UCL Economics 1983)


UCL Friends and Alumni Association, Inc.

“There are so many opportunities for alumni to contribute to UCL’s work …some of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in the past decade come from supporting organisations that have nothing to do with my day job.”