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Linking London to the UK

2 July 2019

From Bristol to Glasgow: UCL hosted alumni receptions across the UK to celebrate our growing alumni community.

Hazel Genn and Jennifer Rawlings

Last week, UCL hosted alumni receptions in Glasgow and Bristol, hearing from alumni on building prosperous careers following graduation and the enormous good UCL initiatives like the UCL East developments and the Centre for Access to Justice are doing for the wider community. 

Growing connections in Glasgow

UCL alumnus and Director at Mctaggart & Mickel Andrew Mickel (BA Geography 1994; MPhil Town Planning 1997) spoke at the reception to over 40 guests on June 25, giving his insights into how he navigated life following his graduation. 

Slade School of Fine Art Director Kieren Reed also spoke at the reception, providing an overview of the latest news out of UCL, including the opening of the new Student Centre where Slade School alumna Rachel Whiteread has recently unveiled a piece of art.

Keiren acknowledged how special it was to catch up with alumni in Glasgow saying: “It’s really exciting to see alumni from across UCL come together tonight. As well as hearing Andrew Mickel’s story, I’ve met neurologists, lecturers, linguists and more. 

“It’s great to hear how graduates are getting on, see how the community in Glasgow are flourishing and understand how we can help you keep in touch with each other and UCL’s amazing alumni community.” 

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Celebrating the UCL Centre for Access to Justice (CAJ)

Guests at the Bristol reception heard from alumna Jennie Rawlings. During her studies, Jennie worked closely with the UCL CAJ, completing the centre’s undergraduate Access to Justice module, and helping to run the Centre’s Summer School programs and workshops for young people. 

During the reception on June 27, Jennie spoke about the importance of places like the Centre for Access to Justice for the wider community. Her heartfelt speech touched on just how important it is for the community, especially those who are vulnerable to understand their rights and have access to sound legal advice. 

Pro-Vice-Provost (Alumni) Dame Hazel Genn also spoke about Jennie and the centre’s work: “It is particularly special that our alumni speaker is UCL Laws alumna, Jennifer Rawlings. Jennie was involved in the early years of the UCL Centre for Access to Justice. It was wonderful to catch up about the CAJ’s success. The research we are doing as part of UCL East is building on our students work with the centre’s solicitors and advisers to provide disadvantaged communities with access to free legal advice,” she said.

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