UCL Campaign


Health: Pioneering treatments, discovering cures

From funding innovative treatments for Alzheimer’s disease to powering pioneering cancer research, is pushing medical boundaries and improving the health and wellbeing of people globally. Our partners have contributed an exceptional £432 million to galvanise this critical work, enabling state-of-the-art new facilities and studies translating the promise of scientific insight into viable treatments.

Through innovative partnerships with charities, the NHS and industrial partners, It’s All Academic is driving impact at pace and scale. By raising £120 million for health capital projects, the Campaign has put in place the future-focused infrastructure that will help scientists work together more effectively, such as the Institute of Immunity and Transplantation and a new home for UCL Neuroscience on Gray's Inn Road, which will house the UK Dementia Research Institute's national headquarters.

When the world needed UCL to step up to the unparalleled challenge of COVID-19, we were ready. And our supporters were ready to show their confidence in our response, right at the start of the pandemic, donating more than £3.7 million within months to drive our work - from accelerating the delivery of a vaccine and critical treatments, to examining the psychological impacts of lockdowns across the world. When UCL released clinical academics for frontline NHS duties at the beginning of the crisis, our alumni community stepped up to support them, sending vital supplies of PPE, including over 220,000 pieces from Mainland China alone.

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