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Hands On

Beyond Da Vinci  - Driving the world of the future | Quad Marquee | 10:00-17:00
Fast forward to the future! Join the researchers and students of UCL Mechanical Engineering for an engineering showcase with a difference, featuring engaging short talks, films, demos and more. Explore possible futures based on our current engineering research into energy, nanotechnology, robotics, biomechanics and more. 2068 is not that far away!

Body-Powered Prosthetic Hands | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Join UCL Mechanical Engineering for a showcase of the latest advancements in body-powered prosthetic hands.

Clamourglitter | Quad Marquee | 10:00 – 17:00
Love glitter but hate litter? Then stand-up to microplastics whilst looking glamorous with Clamour’s biodegradable glitter. Founder and UCL alumna Amanda Campbell will be at the festival with her team of make-up artists to tell you all about material innovations tackling waste problems. All ages are welcome to come have a chat whilst we apply bio-glitter for free.

Communications and Marketing | Cloisters | 10:00 - 17:00

Learn about UCL's Communications and Marketing activities, including student recruitment and programmes of study.

Developing Global Citizens | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Think you’re a global citizen? Take our short and interactive quiz to see your profile, and check out some of the outputs from this year’s UCL Global Citizenship Programme, which saw almost 600 students tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Disrupters and Inovators | Octagon Gallery | 10:00-17:00
As part of UCL’s Vote 100 programme, UCL presents an exhibition exploring the lasting contributions to research, teaching and wider society of female students and staff at UCL a century ago.

Enter the World of Entrepreneurship | Quad Marquee | 10:00-17:00
Explore the innovations that come from UCL research, and meet Sishu Chinese, a school supported by UCL, which will be offering calligraphy, painting and music workshops.

Fantasy Frontbench: Playing With Politics | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Ever thought you could do a better job at running the country? With Fantasy Frontbench you can play the Prime Minister and choose your dream cabinet based on the issues that matter to you most. Learn more about politics and policymaking and see how near or far your dream team is to the current set up.

How Clean Is Your Phone? | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Ever wondered what’s living on your phone, bag or wallet? Now’s your chance to find out – if you dare. Measure how dirty your things are and see how you compare to others on our real-time dirtiness chart.

Little Bottles, Big Smells, Subtle Spectra | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Get up close and personal with a collection of interesting molecules. Experience chemistry in a way you never expected, through the biological sensors hiding in your nose. Come and think about chemical structures in a whole new way, learning how chemists identify molecules using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. Alongside these molecules will be a collection of plastics to identify and study using this subtle chemical spectroscopy, a crucial exercise if we are to learn to reuse and recycle the plastics we have. If you want, you can bring your own plastic and identify it for yourself.

Metabolight | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Illuminate the inner workings of your body with light! Measuring metabolism and blood oxygenation helps doctors get a clearer picture of how healthy the brain is. See how it’s done by tracking your brain power, making your hand invisible and taking the Gummy Bear challenge.

Neurology Crafts | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Build your own brain and find out more about how it all fits together. 

NHS At 70 | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Researchers and clinicians from across UCL celebrate the NHS and talk about what it means to them.

Research Images Competition 2018 | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Research turns into works of art in this exhibition of beautiful and intriguing images.

Meet Jeremy Bentham | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
After making his first visit to America (nearly 190 years after his death) to appear in a major Met Breuer Museum exhibition, the famous auto-icon of Jeremy Bentham has returned to UCL. Come and say hello to the philosopher known as the father of utilitarianism. 

People Power Renewables Roadshow | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Self-watering plants, thermo-electric hand generators, solar tea shop? The renewables roadshow will have it all!

Sea Hero Quest | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Play Sea Hero Quest – a game invested by UCL scientists to help fight dementia by understanding more about how the brain navigates.

Transforming UCL | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
From a major new Student Centre in Bloomsbury to a new campus in East London - find out how UCL is building for the future. 

UCell | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Meet the UCL Fuels Cells team to explore the future of green energy – from building hydrogen cars to making your own green popcorn.

Virtual Reality: Agonism/Antagonism | North Lodge | 10:00-17:00
Interactive virtual reality artworks exploring the uneasy alliance that exists between the genders of sexually reproducing species. Get involved to explore a fascinating aspect of evolution!

Voices of Our Union | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
Hear the stories of life at UCL told by our students, as part of a project to create an audio archive to mark the Student Union’s 125 year anniversary.

Crowd Clad Chalet | Quad | 10:00-15:00
A collaborative event where participants can use a renaissance drawing device to archive their digital memories as physical roof tiles. See a bare structure transformed into a roofed shelter using crowd sourced data with The Bartlett in collaboration with design studio The Bakerloos.

Playing With A Yo-Yo on Mars | Cloisters | 10:00-17:00
How can virtual reality and robotics recreate the experience of playing with a yo-yo on Mars - and how can that help people with paralysis to move again? Join us to conduct a robot orchestra, control a robotic bell and find out how technology is changing lives. 

Shipwrecks, Sailors and Serpents: Shadow Puppet Theatre | Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology | 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00
Fun family activity bringing to life stories from the papyri and shabti collection in the Petrie Museum. Be inspired by tales of shipwreck, sailors and serpents, add your ideas and make your own shadow puppets to tell a new tale to perform live in the museum.

Booking advised:

Think Universe! | Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre | 13:00-14:30
Find out about the origins and nature of the universe by taking part in building a cosmic timeline, including atoms, stars and planets, to recreate our home planet Earth.

Creature Creations | Grant Museum of Zoology | 13:30-16:30
Create works of art inspired by some of the weird and wonderful animals that call the Grant Museum home or invent your very own brand new animal, give it a name and add it to our collection in our family art day with our Museum artist.

Redress | UCL Art Museum | 13:30-16:30
See the Redress exhibition before it open to the public at the start of term. The outcome of five artists exploring the collection over the course of a residency, the exhibition focuses on the tradition of drapery drawing at the Slade.

UCL Staff Singing Club | Octagon Gallery | 14:00-14:30
UCL’s staff choir invites you to join in with a Festival sing along!

Between Man and Machine: AlphaGo | Cruciform Building Lecture Theatre 2 | 15:30-17:00
Watch a screening of the DeepMind documentary AlphaGo and follow the journey of the algorithm that can learn from its own mistakes. Can it beat the world champion of the fiendishly complex Chinese game Go?