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dutch language taster yes you can speak dutch
13:30 – 14:30
Main Quad Pop UPG01
AGE 12+

This hands-on and interactive language taster will give audiences an introduction to Dutch Language and Low Countries Culture.

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research smorgasboard
12:30 14:30 
Haldane Room 

Share a table with UCL researchers across all disciplines and experience world-leading research in a convivial atmosphere.Sink your teeth into UCL research by selecting the engagement opportunities of your choice from a tantalising menu of researchers, disciplines and experiences.If you're just passing through, try a taster conversation. You have all the time in the world? Go for the In-Depth Extravaganza, the more open Tete-a-Tete or a Family Meal for the Mind.

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Crowd Clad Chalet
10:00  16:00

The Crowd Clad Chalet is a hands-on, participative building process. Together with Festival visitors we will craft and cast biodegradable shingles to clad the open timber structure of the Chalet. Using only natural materials such as seeds and coconut fat, these building components are edible by wild birds in search for food in winter and raise the question how the built environment might be a more welcoming place for other species than our own. After the event, the shingles can be brought home by the participants and hung in their gardens and balconies.

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creating our future cities
10:30   14:30 
The Hub 

Test and make your vision of our future cities and natural environments, using collaborative model making, with The Bartlett's Robert Newcombe. Sustainability, identity, citizenship and other current issues in design and architecture will be explored using an interactive toolkit that supports all skill-levels of making.

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cn it read my mind an interactive exploration of brain activity
10:00-11:00, 11:30-12:30, 14:00-15:30 
North Lodge 

Ever wondered about the electrical activity of your brain? Ever wondered about its ability to focus or block out distracting information? Ever thought that mindfulness may influence this? Join our interactive stall, where we will use Muse headbands to measure your brain's electrical activity, and with the help of an app can visualise your mental state!

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Everyday writing in the Ancient Greek World
G01 South Quad Pop Up

Are you interested in how to effectively consult an oracle, or easily organise your shopping list? Find out how and why the Ancient Greeks used writing in everyday life, and make your own administrative and oracular tablets using Linear B, Cypriot-Syllabic and Epirote Greek.

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mindfulness sessions for kids
11:00-11:30, 11:30-12:00, 12:30-13:00 
G01 South Quad Pop Up

The Anna Freud National Centre For Children and Families are currently overseeing one of the largest randomised control trials in England called the Education for wellbeing trial. Two of the interventions that are being tested in schools as part of the trial are mindfulness and relaxation strategies. Come along to this fun and interactive workshop to hear about the trial and also to try some of the mindfulness and relaxation techniques for yourself!

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