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between man and machine alphaGO
14:00 15:30 
Main Quad Pop UP 102
AGE 12+ 

Watch a screening of the DeepMind documentary AlphaGo and follow the journey of the algorithm that can learn from its own mistakes. Can it beat the world champion of the fiendishly complex Chinese game Go?

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open city docs windows o the world
14:00 –  15:30
Cruciform Lecture Theatre 2
AGE 12+

UCL Anthropology (Open City Docs) runs a leading practical MA programme in Ethnographic & Documentary Film at UCL, now in its fifth year. Run by leading film practitioners, students receive high-quality, practice-based learning within a top-level university research environment. This event features two of our finest student's graduation films, with filmmakers present for a Q&A with Michael Stewart, director of Open City Docs. In Banuta Kalns-Timans' Grierson Award shortlisted Unearthed, a team of international volunteers uncover the past buried beneath Latvia's soil, looking to give the soldiers a proper burial. Oana Tenter's The Pastor's Women, a Pentecostal pastor’s wife in Roma looks, between care and cleaning, to radically change the way of life of her Roma people.
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all for an empty tunic all for a helen
12:00 - 13:30
Main Quad Pop UP102
AGE 12+ 

Produced by the Summer School in Homer 2018 and screened for the first time last July at UCL, this film 'All for an Empty Tunic, All for a Helen' will be screened again as part of the UCL It's All Academic Festival.
The film ‘All for an Empty Tunic, All for a Helen’ (Director:  Dr. Antony Makrinos, UCL Greek & Latin) explores the values and ideas of Homer’s Helen in the works of various other authors (Euripides, Ovid, WWI poetry and Yiannis Ritsos) but also their significance for the lives of modern women and the challenges they face in the modern world. It also invites the audience to reflect on topics that have been important in the story of Helen but also in the lives of modern women.

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