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The UCL visual identity provides a consistent and coherent design language for UCL. As the most prominent visual representation of our university, we need to ensure it is used correctly.


The most important visual element of the UCL brand is the banner. UCL’s visual identity is unusual because we do not use a traditional logo. The banner must appear, unaltered and fully legible, on all UCL communications.

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The portico emblem is positioned the left of the U, and is a nod to UCL’s iconic Wilkins Building and UCL’s previous logos and stamps.


A strapline is always placed in the upper left hand corner of the banner. The default strapline is: LONDON’S GLOBAL UNIVERSITY 

However, this can change to be a faculty, office, department or project. Two tiers of information are allowed, over a maximum of three lines.



UCL has an extensive colour palette. The banner must be in one of these colours, and any graphic design and text must also use these colours.

Full colour guidelines

UCL colour palette overview


When UCL is working in partnership with other organisations, or when it's impossible to use the banner, we use the logo.

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UCL logo overview

Social media icons

For external social media channels, we have an icon that works in both square and round formats. The icon uses two colours along with the name of your social media channel.


Full social media guidelines

UCL social media icon overview


'UCL', 'University College London', our banner and logo described above are trademarked and legally represent UCL in an official capacity. External parties must request permission to use our logos and name.

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