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All UCL websites should be built in our content management system (CMS) and use the UCL domain name (ucl.ac.uk).

UCL websites on UCL domain

Following a major migration exercise, the great majority of UCL websites are now built and managed in Drupal. The Digital Presence team in UCL Information Services Division can assist you.

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With regards to our online visual identity, our Drupal CMS instance provides a range of pre-set templates and features (based on our Indigo framework) to ensure consistency throughout our digital estate (e.g. top branded banner overlay, brand colours, page layout, menu style, functionality, etc). 

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External websites using the UCL brand

Websites that do not use the UCL domain name should be used only for equal partnerships or projects that involve multiple partners.

In these instances, the UCL logo should be used, not the banner.

If UCL is the lead partner, the website should be built within the UCL CMS and use the UCL domain name.

For permission and guidance on using the UCL logo on external websites, refer to the co-branding guidelines and request permission to use the UCL logo.

Examples of external partner websites:

The UCL banner should never be used for websites not using the UCL domain name.