Communications & Marketing


Video branding

When you are commissioning a filmmaker or creating your own film, you will need to add certain elements.

Essential elements to include on all videos:

  • Bookends (in black background here - also available in white): every UCL video must include these at the start and end of each video.
  • Subtitles: every UCL video is expected to include subtitles in line with accessibility guidelines and guidance
  • Opening titles: to add context and introduce viewers to the film's topic.
  • End credits: to credit contributors.
  • Name caption: so the viewer knows who is on screen.


  • A logo watermark (YouTube can add these automatically to your films).



All videos should be shot using a 16:9 aspect ratio


A title safe area ensures important content is always correctly displayed


Arial bold should be used for video titles


If there isn't a title, the logo can be used as a watermark for the first five seconds of the film


Lower thirds should be used where identification of a person, place or idea, or a chapter heading is needed.


Templates for subtitles are available to download as pre-built Photoshop templates

Download video branding templates