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Video branding

When you are commissioning a filmmaker or creating your own film, you will need to add certain elements.

UCL video bookend on black


UCL video bookend on black background. Also available in white

Essential elements to include on all videos:

  • Bookends: every UCL video must include these at the start and end of each video.
  • Subtitles: every UCL video is expected to include subtitles.
  • Opening titles: to add context and introduce viewers to the film's topic.
  • End credits: to credit contributors.
  • Name caption: so the viewer knows who is on screen.


  • A logo watermark (YouTube can add these automatically to your films).


All videos should be shot using a 16:9 aspect ratio


A title safe area ensures important content is always correctly displayed


Arial bold should be used for video titles


If there isn't a title, the logo can be used as a watermark for the first five seconds of the film


Lower thirds should be used where identification of a person, place or idea, or a chapter heading is needed.


Templates for subtitles are available to download as pre-built Photoshop templates

Download video branding templates