Communications & Marketing



UCL works with many types of partner in a host of different ways.

It is in the interests of all parties to be represented properly, and for the relationship to be clear in the minds of your audiences.

When we work with partners, the way we use our combined branding depends on the weight of balance in the relationship.

In most scenarios, the partner logos should be adequate, without the need for an additional logo.

Should a new logo be required, contact brand.comms@ucl.ac.uk for guidance in the first instance. Do not commission or design any logos without contacting the brand team first.

Scenario 1: UCL as a lead partner

  • Use the UCL banner and place any partner logos in the bottom right-hand corner

Scenario 2: UCL as an equal partner

  • Arrange the logos on a horizontal axis or alternatively stack them one above the other. Space and size equally

Scenario 3: UCL as a minor partner

  • Provide the lead partner with the UCL logo in .eps (for print) or .png format (for screen) at sufficient resolution. Do not send .jpegs or UCL logos found online as they can be poor quality
  • The lead partner will use their visual identity and place the UCL logo appropriately
  • Ask for a proof to check they have used it correctly and in a way that reflects well on UCL

Naming protocols





All UCL faculties, institutes, departments and centres should carry UCL as a prefix, eg UCL Engineering.

Only when a unit is wholly funded by an external body, the ‘at UCL’ suffix can be used, e.g.: MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL.