Communications & Marketing


Branding your department

Using the UCL visual identity properly and carefully is vital to promoting your institute, department, centre, project or campaign.

Never create an additional sub logo. This is confusing to the audience since it can look like two separate organisations, and having your own logo will never be as recognisable as the UCL brand. In essence you will have two logos doing the same job.

You need to stand out among other similar universities and programmes. By appearing consistently as ‘UCL’ branded, the whole university benefits, and you benefit from being instantly recognisable.

In addition, the UCL visual identity has been developed to a high standard of design and accessibility. Use it to your advantage.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to develop a sub-logo, for example, in partnerships such as the Crick Institute or UCL Partners. However, this must always be agreed and developed in collaboration with CAM.


Personalise the UCL banner


The UCL prefix is not necessary in the strapline, but can be kept if desired

Change 'and' to &


Use Arial Bold upper case, in either black or white

Strapline text should always be the same colour as the portico


The size of the text will depend on the size of the page

Refer to specifications in the Banner section for measurements


Personalise the UCL logo

Don't crop the logo or change its shape


Don't add any text inside the logo 


Don't reverse out the UCL letters


Don't add effects


Don't change the font or change the positioning of the text or the alignment


Don't colour the text differently from the logo. Use black, white or the same colour.


Look and feel examples

Personalise the UCL banner and logo

  • Your official faculty, department, institute, centre or project branding is created by changing the strapline inside the UCL banner and adding text underneath the UCL logo
  • All personalised branding artwork can be ordered from brand.comms@ucl.ac.uk

Create a look and feel

    • You can choose any colour from the UCL colour palette for your banner and logo
    • To create a look and feel for your department, use our colour guide to help select some colours
    • Use typography, images, colour and illustration to convey the mood or tone of voice appropriate to your audience