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UCL branded merchandise

UCL has its own online shop with UCL branded merchandise, such as clothing, stationery, accessories, gifts, and more. Visit the UCL Online Shop for more details.

Staff can also order UCL branded merchandise via our preferred supplier, Allwag (see below for more information). They have a variety of non-bespoke products you can choose from.

Create your own branded merchandise

When creating your own branded merchandise (specific to your faculty, department, or school), keep the following in mind. You should:

  • Use the UCL logo rather than the banner (unless the design specifically features a banner format). For example:

UCL logo bright red example

UCL logo for a department example
  • Consider the available print area of the product (e.g. some pens have smaller print areas than others), and choose products that have the most appropriate size for the UCL logo and other information you need on there.
  • Consider the environment and try to choose eco-friendly or recycled products.

Preferred supplier

When selecting products we recommend you choose UCL’s preferred supplier for your merchandise.

This supplier was selected following a competitive process, due to their compliance with UCL Terms and Conditions, adherence to our brand guidelines and because they meet UCL’s rigorous sustainability criteria and our stand against modern slavery.