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Getting help

In-house services

• Digital Media Services

The team provides digital and creative media services to all of UCL, including graphic design, photography, video, digitisation, illustration, poster and large format print.

• Health Creatives

Health Creatives provides high quality clinical and general photography, design, video and print services to UCL, associated Trusts, and external clients.

• Imagestore

Imagestore is UCL's central image repository.

You may also find available images on the UCL News flickr gallery. 
Some images may be subject to license restrictions.

• Media Central

MediaCentral is UCL’s video portal, helping users to stream their media to enhance learning, teaching, research and promotional activities and improve communications, enhance training and enable collaboration.

Recommended designers

• Boyle & Perks

Boyle & Perks is a design and communications studio, founded by Bill Boyle and Elaine Perks. They believe in strong ideas and clear thinking, creating beautifully simple design solutions to complex business challenges. They work closely with clients to create a range of work that includes brand identities, photography and art direction, signage, print and web design. They can also help with moving image and content creation for social media and marketing campaigns.

• David Lovelock

David Lovelock is a creative designer/director, based in London, with more than 20 years experience. Doing many different things at any one time, but concentrates in producing engaging, original and intelligent design for brand identity, print and web. David has worked for many UCL clients, including Transforming UCL, the Bartlett, Institute of Education and Communications.

• Jack Renwick Studio

A multi-award winning independent branding and design agency. Their focus is on creating real difference for our clients, through considered, impactful design that truly connects and engages with audiences. They also have a close network of trusted experts in areas including copywriting, photography, illustration and animation, creating bespoke solutions that fit our clients specific needs.

• Praline

Praline is a design agency that connects brands and culture and believes in creating emotional connections and crafted implementations. They work for a diverse range of clients, from start-ups to global brands, art galleries and major museums.

• Turnbull Grey

A small design consultancy, they help organisations successfully connect with their audiences by bringing creativity and innovation to branding and marketing communications. Their expertise ranges from graphic design and art direction, to branding, exhibition identities, books and design for print and screen.

Recommended photographers

• Matt Clayton

An architectural and interior specialist, Matt also has expertise in portrait, editorial and event photography.

• Kirsten Holst

Kirsten has a wide range of experience and expertise in corporate, events, interior, portraits, sports and documentary photography.

• Elaine Perks

Elaine combines commissioned work for editorial, design and advertising clients with personal work.

Print services

Details of UCL's print suppliers can be viewed on the procurement website


Web-2-print business card and stationery service

Online template service

Pre-designed poster, leaflet, postcard and booklet templates can be created and downloaded as a pdf.

Recommended video producers

Production Companies – Best for projects with a budget above £1,000

• Spectrecom

Oliver Knight
oliver.knight@spectrecom.co.uk  tel: 020 3405 2260

• Klein and Sons

Anthony Klein
anthony@kleinandsons.tv  tel: 020 3818 3268

• Filmbright

Niklaas van Poortvliet
niklaas@filmbright.com  tel: 07771 767 083

Individual freelancers – any budget, suited to smaller projects

As a guide can charge half day, full day or project charges. Check if kit hire is included or required.

• Jake Fairnie: UnderCover Gorilla Ltd

jakefairnie@gmail.com tel: 07811 668 426

• Geoff Marsh

geoffbobmarsh@gmail.com tel: 07742 748 098

• Michael Iles

michael.iles.12@alumni.ucl.ac.uk tel: 07580 180 028

• Michael Osamer

m.v.osaer@gmail.com  tel: 07878 074 605

• Sam Hiscox


Commissioning design

Whether you are working with an internal design team, or commissioning external designers, they will need a clear and concise brief in order to deliver what you need. They can't read your mind so use the brief to explain as much as possible about what the purpose of your brief is. Spending time on writing the brief also helps you clarify what the aim of the proehct is and why you are doing it.

It's worth the effort, because you'll end up with a much better result.  They will also need to understand the scope of the work in order to provide you with an estimate.

UCL Creative Brief