Communications & Marketing


Getting help

External suppliers - approved agencies

CAM and Procurement have worked with stakeholders across UCL to identify the best suppliers to provide a variety of creative services - from Brand agencies through to photographers and graphic designers - resulting in a Preferred Suppliers List (UCL login required). 

In-house services - Educational Media (ISD)

As part of the ISD-based Digital Education team, Educational Media provide creative services: Audio and Video Production, Graphic Design, Digitisation, Poster Production and Photography, for use in teaching and learning. They manage and are responsible for the Imagestore, Lecturecast, Mediacentral services along with providing support for virtual event systems - Teams Live and Zoom Webinar.

Using UCL’s in-house team means there are no issues regarding copyright, image rights, GDPR or future licencing. There are no restrictions on usage and no payment for future usage. If suitable for your project, it is always advisable to contact them for availability and a quotation. The team will happily offer help and advice on all aspects of the creative process. Go to UCL Educational Media

Regarding UCL Imagestore and Mediacentral

• Imagestore

Imagestore is UCL's central repository for UCL imagery, templates and brand resources. UCL faculties and departments can request their own archive to share and store their content. Contact the team for further information via imagestore@ucl.ac.uk

UCL News flickr gallery also has a selection of great images, however you should note that some of these images may be subject to license restrictions, and permission from the creator may be required before use.

• Mediacentral

Mediacentral is UCL’s video portal, helping users to stream their media to enhance their online presence, in their learning, teaching and research. The use of video greatly helps to improve communications, enhances training, enables greater collaboration and can augment UCL’s marketing activities.


Commissioning design

Whether you are working with an internal design team, or commissioning external designers, they will need a clear and concise brief in order to deliver what you need. They can't read your mind so use the brief to explain as much as possible about what the purpose of your brief is. Spending time on writing the brief also helps you clarify what the aim of the project is and why you are doing it.

It's worth the effort, because you'll end up with a much better result.  They will also need to understand the scope of the work in order to provide you with an estimate. 

As a generic guide, check this UCL creative brief (docx).