Communications & Marketing


Web to print leaflets (pdf ordering service)

Due to changes in the way that UCL Communications & Marketing works, we will be unable to resource the production of the undergraduate and graduate taught programme leaflets going forward.

For those of you wishing to produce your own programme leaflets, there are other in-house teams at UCL that may be able to help:

There is also a list of recommended external suppliers on the CAM Brand website.

If you wish to source the copy that formed the basis of the CAM-produced leaflets, this can be found in the individual programme entries within the relevant online Undergraduate or Graduate Prospectus.

There is guidance on producing materials that comply with consumer protection legislation on the Student and Registry Services website.

As a point of reference, the 2019/20 entry graduate programme leaflets are still on the Optichrome ordering portal. The 2020 entry undergraduate programme leaflets will remain on the ordering portal until next March (2020).