Guidance on References

Applicants for Associate Fellowship require two references. These should be from someone who is able to comment on your professional achievements in relation to teaching and/or supporting student learning in higher education.

Referees need to provide:

  1. Comments on the basis of their knowledge of your work and how you meet the assessment panel criteria.
  2. Examples to support your evidence, referring to innovation, faculty or institutional contributions and any national initiatives you have been involved in.

Your referees must work at UCL and preferably have reviewed or appraised your teaching and learning.

Please send referees the reference template (Word doc) available here.

Referees need to read your portfolio.

It is your responsibility to collect the references which should be signed (electronically if applicable).

Please inform the referees that they may be contacted regarding the reference they have provided.

Guidance for referees is available here (pdf). Please mail this guidance to your referee at least three weeks before the submission deadline.

A referee has kindly given us permission to supply an example of a reference for Associate Fellow (Word doc). The style and level of detail is the same for all referees.

Please ask your referees to send you the open reference and include it in the same document as your portfolio, which you submit on the Teaching Associate Programmes Moodle. If PGTA referees have any questions, they are invited to direct them to Helen Brookman.

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