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CALT and partners are now delivering their events through UCL Arena. For more information please visit the UCL Arena Events Calendar or email arena@ucl.ac.uk.

Past Events

Key theme for the conference is: how we can inspire students with research-based education. Throughout the day’s programme, we will explore what research-based education means, and particularly what it means for us as researchers, teachers, and learners at UCL. Students at this university value the fact that they are taught by world-leading researchers. How else might research influence teaching and learning? We will consider ways to create opportunities for students to engage in research-like activities, as well as how we underpin our teaching practice with evidence from educational research.

Our Keynote Speakers are Provost Michael Arthur and Etienne Wenger-Trayner (link to information) Michael Arthur has emphasised the importance of research-based learning, "taking students to the edge of knowledge". Etienne Wenger-Trayner is an internationally  recognised scholar in the field of social learning and 'communities of practice' (link to page). He has authored and co-authored seminal books on the topic, including Situated Learning and Communities of Practice: learning, meaning and identity.

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