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CALT offers short courses to UCL staff, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills. These courses are offered to employed UCL staff only and provide a cross-disciplinary perspective.

For more information on schemes currently running for PGTAs and those new to teaching, please click here.

Upcoming courses

UCL Arena: Design your CPD and short course:

A hands-on introduction to the CPD and short courses toolkit

CALT/ELE Workshop Series

Vicki Dale, Ros Duhs, Clive Young

Thursday 1st May, 1pm to 2.30pm

Arena Room, Ground Floor, 1-19 Torrington Place

A series of four linked lunchtime workshops (with sandwiches and coffee) will introduce participants to the new CPD and Short Courses Toolkit.

Early in the course, participants will be required to think about their course, and introduce it online to other course participants. Building on this initial course outline, each workshop will include a short presentation followed by an activity using a component of the toolkit. Peer learning and feedback will be a strong element of the workshops.

In addition to the face to face workshops, participants will be required to engage in accompanying online activities in their own time (~2 hours per week). The work will culminate in a showcase event on 27th March by which time participants will have completed a Programme Institution Questionnaire in readiness for developing a CPD or short course.

When you register for this you will register for all four workshops

  • Please register by following this link to STBS

UCL Arena: Exploring Students’ Existing Knowledge – insights from the EEK project

15th April 2014 from 4pm- 5pm

Vicki Dale, Clive Young, Ros Duhs

In this UCL Arena workshop, the presenters will showcase the Exploring Existing Knowledge (EEK) project, and highlight key findings from an evaluation of participating teachers’ experiences. This project was funded through the School of Medical and Life Sciences (SLMS) innovations grant stream. It supported the development of online diagnostic tests to allow new Masters students to diagnose their varied strengths and weaknesses in subject areas and essential study skills. Participants of this workshop will be encouraged to consider the learning needs of their own students and what strategies and resources might be developed to prepare them for university, especially at postgraduate level. This will include considering the balance of centrally coordinated versus discipline-specific learning development opportunities.

  • Please email moira.wright@ucl.ac.uk if you wish to attend

Short Courses

An Introduction to Research Student Supervision at UCL

  • Wednesday 14th May from 10am-12noon
Book your place or register your interest here

Effective Research Student Supervision at UCL (one-day workshop)

  • Wednesday 11th June 2014 from 9.30am-5.15pm
  • Tuesday 17th June 2014 from 9.30am-5.15pm
Book your place or register your interest here

 An Introduction to Examining Doctorates at UCL

  • Tuesday 6th May 2014
  • Thursday 5th June 2014

all sessions from 2pm-5.30pm

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Discipline-Specific courses

Please check on the schools pages for discipline-specific courses:

MRes Students - Skills Modules

Booking (STBS) /Staff Training Records LERS

UCL has one corporate training record to which all UCL training providers input records of training undertaken, in order to enable a comprehensive record of all staff training and development completed by UCL staff. Check your record here:

Learning Event Recording System or LERS (link  to LERS web page)

Bookings are made via the Single Training Booking System (STBS)

  • STBS allows you to manage your own bookings online va the My Bookings Tab. Different groups have different status for booking according to the activity - this is decided by the course organiser. Please take time to read the explanations and booking status information on STBS/FAQ Help 
  • If your query is listed below please follow STBS FAQ Link for answer

1. How do I book a place at a Training Event?
2. I am a UCL student; can I use the booking system?
3. I am an honorary member of UCL staff, can I book a course?
4. I am working as a temp, a contractor or I am a visitor to UCL; can I use the   booking system?
5. I am unsure as to what my 'staff/student status' is?
6. I can't find the course I'm looking for?
7. I haven't received an email confirmation?
8. How do I check that my booking has worked?
9. Where is my training being held?
10. How do I cancel my booking?
11. I am a UCL member of staff but the system will not accept my user id and password?
12. How do I change the password that I use to access the system
13. What is a cost code and where do I get one?
14. I'm getting a message that I am not authorised to attend the course, what does it mean?

  • Queries relating to staff group should be directed to your departmental administrator

Registering for courses and cancellations:

Unless advertised, our courses are for UCL Staff

CALT does not charge for cancellations - but please try to avoid cancelling.

We use STBS for our courses as it updates your Learning Event Recording System (LERS) record. STBS allows you to manage your own bookings online va the My Bookings Tab. Different groups have different status for booking decided by the course organiser. Queries about staff group should be directed to your departmental administrator. 

Both LERS and STBS require UCL user id and password to access. STBS External bookings will need to create a profile, LERS is not open to Externals

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