Congratulations to Antoine Maruani for his ABTA Doctoral Researcher competition award.

Many congratulations to Vijay Chudasama who has been offered the position of Lecturer in Organic and Chemical Biology here at UCL!!!!  We are all very excited and proud of him.

New publications:

Check out our new publication in Nature Communications entitled "A plug-and-play approach to antibody-based therapeutics via a chemoselective dual click strategy", see our publication pages for more information.

Organic Synthesis

Photo of researchers working in laboratory

We are strongly committed to carrying out blue sky research in organic synthesis in which we test new concepts in organic synthesis. This is because new chemical reaction processes are vital if we are to make new molecular entities. A recent example has been our discovery that air can be used as a reagent to make carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bonds. We have many areas of interest in organometallic chemistry, amino-acid chemistry, catalysis and a variety of other synthetic programmes.

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