Congratulations to Antoine Maruani for his ABTA Doctoral Researcher competition award.

Many congratulations to Vijay Chudasama who has been offered the position of Lecturer in Organic and Chemical Biology here at UCL!!!!  We are all very excited and proud of him.

New publications:

Check out our new publication in Nature Communications entitled "A plug-and-play approach to antibody-based therapeutics via a chemoselective dual click strategy", see our publication pages for more information.

Group Members

Photo of Caddick Research Group

Photo of Prof S. Caddick

Prof. S. Caddick

Vice-Provost (Enterprise & London)

Vernon Professor of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Photo of Dr M. Smith
Dr Mark E. B. Smith

Laboratory Manager
Theme Leader - Biological Chemistry and Chemical Biologics
Senior Research Associate.


Photo of Dr J. Nunes
Dr João Nunes

Research Associate
Project title: Chemical Modification of Antibodies via Maleimide Bridging of Disulfides
Research key words: Site-specific chemical modification of antibodies, bioconjugation, ADCs, small molecule synthesis, maleimides
Additional interests: Travelling, hiking, skiing, gym, football, squash 

Photo of Dr Mauricio Morais
Dr Maurício Morais

Research Associate
Project title: Chemical Technology to Generate Homogeneous Antibody-Drug-Conjugates and Bispecifics
Research key words: Protein Site-specific chemical modification, bioconjugation, ADCs, small molecule synthesis, theragnostic and image guided bimodal probes.
Additional interests: Hiking, football, board games

Photo of E. Robinson
Dr Eifion Robinson

Research Associate
Project title: Dual Functionalisation of Protein Disulfide Bonds
Research key words: Chemical biology, ADCs, bioconjugation, site-specific protein modification, anitbodies
Additional interests: rugby, mountain biking, hiking

Photo of A Maruani
Antoine Maruani

Research Associate
Project title:  Dual Modification of Proteins: Functionalisation of Disulfide Bonds and Cysteine Residues
Research key words:  Pyridazinedione, click chemistry, ADC, protein modification
Additional interests:  Cooking, magic, music, origami

Photo of M. Lee
Maximillian Lee

PhD Student
Project title:  Pyridazinediones: versatile scaffolds for protein modification.
Research key words:  Pyridazinedione, ADCs, multi-modal imaging
Additional interests: fitness, skiing, gaming and all sorts of other nerdy stuff

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