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Collaborative Projects with CABI

Collaborations with CABI are strongly encouraged both within and external to UCL to explore imaging applications. Availability and priority will be given to collaborative projects, although the imaging facilities can be made available purely as a resource.

All project requests must be submitted via a 'Project Proposal'. Potential collaborators will subsequently be invited to discuss the proposed project(s) with the appropriate core imaging scientists.

Please forward all queries to Dr Tammy Kalber or Ozama Ismail
Collaborative flowchart

Project review

Due to the large number of project proposals, we cannot fulfill all requests. Collaborative funded projects take priority, but a limited number of unfunded pilot projects are supported each year. All collaborative projects will be reviewed by the CABI management team. Criteria assessed for pilot and funded projects will include:

  • The quality of the science;
  • The degree of in-house development required; 
  • Timelines of the project in the context of current work load;
  • The scope for extended research and funding.

On successful review, collaborators will be assigned a scientific coordinator who will be a core member of the CABI research team. The scientific coordinator is then available as the point of contact and will liaise with the collaborators on all matters concerning the project. The coordinator will not necessarily provide the sole or even main scientific input to the collaboration from within CABI. 

Scholarly exchange

We have a limited number of requirements that all collaborators agree to once a project is approved, which are essentially expected in any scholarly exchange:

  • Collaborators will seek to publish their results in peer-reviewed publications;
  • Contribution by CABI’s core members will be appropriately acknowledged on submitted manuscripts and funding applications;
  • Manuscripts for review are required at least 2 weeks prior to submission, with digital copies made available on successful publication.

Access charges

Facility Costs
9.4T MRI System Daytime 9am-9pm £200/hour
9.4T MRI System Overnight 9pm-9am £500
9.4T MRI System Development Time £100/hour
1T MRI System £50/hour
SPECT/CT System* £150/hour
PET/CT System £200/hour 
Bioluminescence System £65/hour
Ultrasound System
OPT System £50-150/sample 
Surgery Theatre £20 booking fee, £5/hour

*SPECT/CT costs do not cover the cost of radiopharmaceuticals which are additional. For example 99Tm = £50. Please contact Dr Adam Badar for more information.
These charges cover capital equipment replacement, service contracts, expendables such as cryogens, and a contribution towards staff assistance and scanning training. Please note that:

  • Charges will be costed on an experiment-by-experiment basis.
  • Preliminary and follow-up studies will be charged at the same rate.
  • Costs may be subject to change and are at the discretion of the CABI Management Committee.
  • Researchers will be expected to prepare and scan their own animals/samples, and reconstruct/analyse the MRI and SPECT/CT data. Training will be given on how to use the systems and on the analysis of data.
  • Except for MRI studies, if data collection by personnel from CABI is desired, the cost would be different. Please consult the respective core scientist for more information.
  • Time on any system will be allocated by the CABI Management Committee.

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