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Limits of Perception

CABI at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition July 1st-6th 2014

A simple photograph may contribute to an individual’s complex sense of identity. Given the abundance of digital technology and popularity of social media, most people have been the subject of thousands of photographs. But they know very little about what goes on beneath the surface. Biomedical imaging has undergone quite phenomenal developments in the last hundred years, from Roentgen’s discovery of X-rays in 1895, to the modern day brain scan, revolutionising the field of healthcare.

With more than 5 billion imaging studies conducted worldwide, MRI, ultrasound, nuclear imaging and CT have established themselves as indispensable tools in both diagnosis and research. The public are already familiar with different imaging techniques found in most hospitals. A broken bone would have exposed them to the diagnostic power of X-ray, whilst ultrasound offers a unique view of an unborn baby live in the womb.

"Limits of Perception" explores the next generation of biomedical imaging tools and how they allow us to see inside the body. This display will show how taking ideas from nature allows us to see the body from the inside out, by illuminating cellular and molecular events deep inside tissues. The exhibit explains how combining emerging technology with natural entities can take imaging science to new heights, breaking the limits of perception!

Throughout the exhibition, we will look at how images are changing our world, together with some of the most significant techniques in the history of medical imaging. The ability to see inside our bodies, right down to broken bones and dividing cells, has so significantly changed the way we think about ourselves and is continuing to offer unique insights on the healthy and diseased body.

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, which presents the most exciting, cutting-edge science and technology research, opens to the public on Tuesday 1st July at 10am, with previews during the Twilight Science event on Monday 30th June at 6pm. For further details, click here.

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