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Image of the Month


Photoacoustic imaging from CABI on the front cover of nature photonics. Click the image to read the article.

Image of the Month

Every month we'll publish a new image taken by CABI researchers. Can you guess what it is?


WHAT: Cross section of regenerated gecko tail

SIZE: Approximately 1cm in diameter

IMAGE: High resolution (100µm pixels) MRI using a fast spin echo sequence

USE: Autotomy (or self amputation) is a  defence mechanism exhibited by some species of gecko and other reptiles. They have the ability to shed part of their tail which will then continue to wiggle and distract the predator allowing the gecko to escape and over a period of weeks regrow the detached tail. The new tail will typically contain cartilage instead of bone as can be seen in the above image and the skin texture differs from original tail. Understanding the mechanisms by which tails regrow has application in the field of regenerative medicine.

WHO: Laurence Jackson, Elizabeth Ward 

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