Hadrian's Wall

The Centre for Applied Archaeology (University College London) has been commissioned to coordinate consultation in preparation for the drafting of the 2015-2019 Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site Management Plan. The aim of the consultation is to clarify and prioritise practical and achievable ways forward for the next Management Plan period, based on as wide a consultation as possible. 

The winding up of Hadrian's Wall Trust has no bearing on this, or indeed on the writing of the management plan, as both are going ahead as planned with support from English Heritage. In fact, the current situation makes the consultation even more important, as it will provide the Management Plan Committee and any new coordinating body with direction for the next phase.

We have begun the consultation with 7 meetings with selected groups managing and delivering various aspects of the current Management Plan. From this we have produced a short document listing 25 top priorities for the years ahead.

PRIORITIES 2015-19: A discussion paper for further consultation, April 2014​

The next step is a broader consultation to gather feedback on these priorities, along with any other new ideas. We will host 10 public workshops held at a total of 5 venues along the WHS from Maryport to North Tyneside, and an online consultation. 

For more information about the public workshops click here

To complete the online consultation visit this online survey.

These workshops are open to all; you don't need any specialist knowledge, just a passion for Hadrian's Wall. Come along and bring your ideas, questions and challenges, and proposals for positive, useful and realistic ways for this great World Heritage Site to work with its landscape and its communities. 

Results of the consultation will be synthesized to produce a list of opportunities, and ways in which Hadrian’s Wall will plan to move forward, with a focus on identifying the 30 areas shown to need most attention. 

If you would like more information about the detailed background to produce these documents, here is a link to the current management plan and here is a report on progress against that plan and opportunities for the future.

Map of Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site