Building Great Websites


Planning your web project

Planning your web project

When you are developing a new UCL website or redesigning an existing one, careful planning will help you to create a great website that meets your strategic objectives and engages your users with high-quality content.

These days, with so many websites, and so much competition for the web user’s time, your website needs to work hard to do its job. This means you have to work hard, too. And a key time to do this is in the planning.

But don’t worry, there’s help available at UCL covering:

  • User research
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Video and audio
  • Photography
  • Image creation
  • Social media

Find out about the UCL teams who can support your new website project: Who to contact at UCL

If help is not available at UCL you may need to use an external digital agency. Find out how to brief a digital agency in our guide: Writing a design brief