Building Great Websites


Building great websites

It is easy to create a website but much more difficult to create a great website. A UCL website is an important strategic channel for student recruitment, promoting our research and its impact, communicating effectively with students and staff, and engaging with users outside UCL about events, news and fundraising.

So find out what to do by exploring this site which has hints and tips to help you to:

  • plan your website project
  • understand your users
  • plan your content
  • design and build your website
  • manage your website

We plan to expand this website over time and add further resources and advice so we can help you to help us improve the UCL web presence. 

Do let us know what you think and tell us if there's particular information on creating and maintaining great websites that you would like us to include by emailing Digital Presence.

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Optimising your site for search…

Optimising your site for search

Find out how to make sure that search engines give your page a high ranking, making it easier to find.

Using google analytics…

Using Google Analytics

Learn how to use Google Analytics to find out how to use data about visitors to your website.

Writing for the web…

Writing for the web

People don't read websites the same way they read offline material - find out how to make your content work online.

Designing with users in mind…

Understanding your users

User research gives you a better understanding of how your users behave, and can help you build better content.