The Building Envelope Research Network


Who we are

The building envelope at UCL is spread across several different groups. UCL BERN brings these groups and their research together.

The Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Design Computation
  • Interactive Architecture  
  • Material Architecture 
  • Urban Morphogenesis /Sustainable Cities
  • Bio-Integrated Design
  • Advanced Design and Fabrication
The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction
  • Construction Management 
  • Project Management and Business Analytics
  • Building Services and Engineering
UCL Energy Institute
  • Energy and Buildings Group:
  • Physical Characterisation of the Building
  • People, Adaptability, Comfort and Smart Energy
  • Building Stock Laboratory
  • Building theme of the Centre for Research in Energy Demand Solutions
  • CREDS Heat theme 
  • Smart Energy Research Group
  • Energy and Environmental Systems
UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering
  • Light and Lighting
  • Building Acoustics and Urban Soundscapes
  • Energy, Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality
  • Health and Wellbeing (of occupants)
  • Sustainability and Systems Thinking 
  • UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings (UKCMB)
UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage
  • Heritage Risk and Resilience
  • Multiscale environmental exposure assessment
  • Structural assessment of masonry and disaster response
  • Environmental monitoring and modelling
  • Indoor air quality and multisensory environments
  • Integration of social and cultural value within energy retrofit
Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Structural-environmental response of loadbearing building envelopes
  • Integrated retrofit for heritage, historic and existing buildings
  • Modular low-carbon structures
  • Building materials and urban sustainability
  • Structural response to natural and man-made extreme events
The Bartlett School of Planning
  • Sustainability and transport
  • Governance and planning
  • Real state and economic development
  • Urban design


    UCL has links with UK Government, professional institutions, building industry bodies and other buildign envelope related groups. UCL BERN facilitates engagement with these organisations, promotes collaborative research, partnerships, consultancy and knowledge transfer.

    UCL also has links with many UK and international academic institutions where research into aspects of the building envelope is conducted. These are potential collaborators and partners. Our aim is to bring academic collaborators into the network, starting with UK universities.