UCL and Brexit


What will Brexit mean for UCL? A forum for the UCL community

UCL’s senior leaders held a meeting for UCL staff and students on 12 July discussing what Brexit may mean for UCL.


The panel introduction and Q&A session was chaired by Dame Nicola Brewer, Vice-Provost (International).

The full list of panel members was as follows:

  • Professor Michael Arthur, UCL's President & Provost
  • Professor David Price, UCL Vice-Provost (Research), providing guidance about research and researchers
  • Wendy Appleby, Registrar and Head of Student & Registry Services, discussing issues affecting prospective and current students
  • Nigel Waugh, Executive Director (Human Resources), discussing UCL policies and procedures
  • Simon Kenny, Principal Associate, Eversheds, providing legal advice.


The following resources are available following the event:


Professor Michael Arthur (UCL President & Provost)

Introduction (3 mins 51)

Nigel Waugh, Executive Director (UCL Human Resources)

Support available to the UCL community (5 mins 21)

Simon Kenny, Principal Associate (Eversheds)

Legal context and potential approaches for EU nationals (6 mins 14)

Watch a video of the full event (1 hour 18 minutes).

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