Brain Sciences


Your career

To complement the UCL Careers service, the Faculty of Brain Sciences offers a selection of careers workshops throughout the academic year, aimed at helping you achieve your career goals.


CV and Applications Workshop

Strong CVs and applications are essential for getting you into the 'yes' pile for interviews, but many people still don't feel confident marketing themselves. This workshop will help you to sell yourself effectively on paper.


Interview Skills Workshop

Interviews are often the final hurdle standing between you and your next job. This workshop will give you an overview of what recruiters will want from you in typical interview situations, as well as a brief insight into varieties of interview format.

We will identify strategies for answering a range of question types though group discussion, and enhance your confidence and performance through small group interview practice and peer feedback.

Applying for a PhD

This workshop should be of particular interest to you if you are considering your options upon completion of your postgraduate taught programme and are interested in finding out how to apply for a PhD.

We'll explore your career options beyond the PhD, how the application process for PhDs works at UCL, funding opportunities, what Graduate Tutors are looking for as well as two Q&A sessions with graduate tutors and current PhD students.